MoMa paintings: How many can YOU name?

Posted in art by Diane on April 19, 2010

Before I moved to L.A., I used to go to museums on a regular basis. I’m not saying I did it all the time, but fairly frequently as these things go. Heck, I even worked at a couple museums. So why don’t I go to them more frequently here? Beats me.

This video reminded me of my East Coast days, and visits to NYC. It shows every painting displayed at MoMA on April 10. Go ahead, test your art history.

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Stieglitz as Paris Hilton: Georgia on our minds

Posted in art, NYT, TV by Diane on September 18, 2009

georgiaokeefeHolland Cotter’s NYT review of the Whitney’s new Georgia O’Keefe exhibit is very fine, to be sure, but no match for colleague Ginia Bellafonte’s delicious review of Saturday’s Lifetime movie named for the painter.

The TV movie, not too surprisingly, revolves around O’Keefe’s juicy affair, then marriage, with mentor and promoter Alfred Stieglitz. Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons fail to adequately convey such messy emotional characters, the reviewer notes before observing that Stieglitz is depicted “as a sort of publicist who today might hatch a higher-brow Paris Hilton.”

This is the guy, after all, who “shepherds O’Keeffe to the altar of celebrity by displaying his nude photographs of her alongside her own work.”

My favorite line, however, comes at the very end:

The unintended effect of “Georgia O’Keeffe” is to leave its audience wondering if a painter who prized integrity madly loved a man only because he could play Phil Spector to her Ronette.

For more, check out Bellafonte’s review, Independent Protegee and Needy Starmaker, and Cotter’s take on the Whitney exhibit, which is accompanied by a slide show of O’Keefe’s formative abstract work. There’s another O’Keefe slideshow at NY mag’s Vulture blog.

Above postcard of O’Keefe circa 1948 has been hanging in my home office for years.