People like Sandra Bullock movies. Get over it.

Posted in chick flick, movies by Diane on November 24, 2009

Okay, so Sandra Bullock isn’t hip. And she’s definitely middle-aged. But does everyone have to act surprised EVERY SINGLE TIME she’s in a box office hit?

Last weekend, “The Blind Side” did much better than expected, confounding those that expected all women to go to the “Twilight” sequel and/or be turned off by the football and men to steer clear of a tearjerker starring of all things, a middle-aged woman. Guess what? Some women had no interest in seeing “The New Moon” and some men didn’t fear the femme mixed with sports. “The Blind Side” earned $35 million its opening weekend, topping Sandra Bullock’s best, for “The Proposal” earlier this year.

Moviegoers gave it extremely high marks — it received an A+ Cinemascore rating, only the second this year after “Up,” the LA Times noted.

Straining for an explanation…


Ryan Kavanaugh: Energy to burn

Posted in movies, Uncategorized, Variety, VOD by Diane on November 24, 2009

When I was on the beat, I was never sure what to make of Ryan Kavanaugh. He always had a million financial deals going, but didn’t talk like one. He was always running late, and seemed a bit scattered. And there were rumors about his finances, a couple drunk driving incidents….

Yet studios like Universal and Sony kept doing big slate deals with him.

A couple weeks ago, I had a chance to sit down with Ryan for this Billion Dollar Producer section Variety ran in last Friday’s paper. Ryan was running late, of course, but once the interview began he was all mine. The interview stretched several hours as he showed off several projects he’s working on. Just as I suspected: He’s always running late because he gets caught up in the moment.

Here’s my feature story, which addresses his remarkable energy and those pesky rumors about his business, a story about Rogue, and his ambitions for VOD. At 34, he’s already a mogul.

DVD price war looming: Walmart slashes top hits to $10

Posted in DVD, Wal-Mart by Diane on November 5, 2009, already embroiled in a price war with Amazon and Target over major book releases, has stepped up the ante on major holiday DVD releases. The big box chain is offering the top 10 preorders for $10 online: The titles range from “Star Trek” to “Julie & Julia”; promo also includes latest installment in the “Air Bud” canine franchise, “Santa Buddies.”

Quantities are limited, natch, but the site does offer a price promise that leaves the door open for further price reductions. If lowers the price even further before the DVD release, purchasers will receive the DVD at the lower price. (Caveat: this promise does not apply in states including California.)

Amazon and Target haven’t responded in kind… yet. UPDATE: In the time it took to post this, Target added a link to its site suggesting it would was going to match the price.

The DVD prices aren’t quite as low as the book bargains, but are significantly lower than usual discount prices for hit DVDs.

Entire list on jump