Reel story: Not always what you think it is

Posted in movie theaters, movies by Diane on October 23, 2009

westwoodfoxContrary to popular belief, journalists don’t always start a story with a preconceived angle. Sometimes we learn what the real story is only after digging into it.

Case in point: My story about L.A.’s changing screen scene in today’s Variety. I already knew the basics — moviegoers prefer newer to older screens — but didn’t fully appreciate the ramifications until I looked into it more deeply. A neighborhood’s retail health depends on these theaters; new theaters like Regal’s downtown multiplex can affect businesses throughout the city. Santa Monica, for example, has seen movie attendance slide as newer multiplexes have sprung up on the westside; the city wants to reverse that trend with new state-of-the-art facilities.

I still hate the thought of Westwood’s Fox (left) or Crest going under. There’s something really great about going to movie premieres at the Fox, and, as nice as the Regal theaters look to be, it just won’t be the same.

But I understand the economics behind this potential shift downtown better now. For more, check out my story here.

Photo: Yelp


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