Zombie filmmakers: Make it stop!

Posted in movies by Diane on August 28, 2009

Look at what you did

Look at what you did

How many zombie movies do we really need? I realize I’m not the target audience, but I burst out laughing when one zombie trailer after another played in front of “District 9” the other day. There’s seemingly no end it to, as the production of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” attests.

No big fan of alien movies either, but did enjoy “District 9” far more than I ever thought I would. Credit director Neill Blomkamp, who is reportedly working on a prequel or sequel, for his light comedic touch and faux documentary style.


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  1. Oscar Solis said, on September 2, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    Zombie movies are cheap to make and many of them only require stylized filmmaking at this point, which most people tend to confuse with good filmmaking, although, to be fair, there are great filmmakers who are also great stylists (Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron, Jean-Pierre Jeunet (you get the idea). And, by the way, there probably hasn’t been a real zombie move, in the classic sense, since “I Walked With a Zombie”, which was produced by Val Lewton, who was a great producer

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