QT always gives good quote

Posted in Billboard, LA Weekly, movies, Quentin Tarantino by Diane on August 22, 2009

laweeklyQTIs Quentin Tarantino capable of giving a bad interview? He’s decided in his opinions and lively in his passions. Who else would respond “oh, heavens to Betsy, yes” when asked whether he would do the ear cutting scene in “Reservoir Dogs” all over again? In the same LA Weekly cover story, Tarantino, famous celebrant of low-brow genre films, gives a surprisingly nuanced answer about how his personal his movies really are. Ella Taylor’s Q&A reminded me, a bit sadly, of the late Premiere magazine, which used to regularly showcase in-depth (and informed!) interviews like this.

My good friend Ann, who worked for Premiere at the end of its run in print, also conducted an amusing interview with QT for Billboard. Consider his whimsical description of his record room: “My record room is set aside pretty much for vinyl. I have CDs, but they’re lying around. Any CD I like, I have to buy it three times because I have no one place to put it. It’s like a sock, it just gets eaten up by the laundry.” But he doesn’t leave it at that. “In the house that I bought, connected to the bedroom was a little nursery room – like if you had a newborn and you had them there close to you,” Tarantino continues. “I don’t have that, so I literally turned it into what looks like a record store. I created bins that are in there, and there are a couple artists I have there by themselves – but everybody else is broken down by decades, and then all the subgenres that would happen inside those decades.”

Read the stories in LA Weekly, Billboard


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