Hmm, guess there IS something to the trend…

Posted in Gawker, journalism trends, LAT, The Daily Beast, The Wrap by Diane on August 11, 2009

Other journalists have left high-profile papers for online gigs, but as so often is the case, the trend didn’t really resonate until it started hitting closer to home. There have been two high-profile entertainment journalism departures from the LAT in as many weeks. The latest: Kate Aurthur, who had been TV editor at the paper for the past few years, is headed to The Daily Beast, where she will be West Coast editor, working for former W mag editor Gabe Doppelt. Aurthur’s departure, broken on The Wrap, follows closely on the heels of Richard Rushfield, LAT online entertainment editor, who exited to become Gawker’s West Coast editor. Not for nothing, but Gawker’s managing editor is another W refugee, Gabriel Snyder, who previously worked at Variety, Us mag and the N.Y. Observer.


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