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Posted in media, movies, TV by Diane on August 8, 2009

Sammy Glick’s cinematic heirs

Sammy  Glick, Budd Schulberg’s scabrous creation, never made it to the bigscreen, but his legacy lives on in characters such as Jeremy Piven’s Ari, Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder” Tim Robbins’ amoral studio chief in “The Player.” LAT

Don’t call them G.I.s

Super soldiers just Joes to you and me, reports LAT’s Betsy Sharkey, who says that “G.I. Joe” could have used less talk, and more conversation. NYT’s Manola Dargis maintains that Paramount need not have bothers keeping the pic away from critics: “this pricey, juiceless pulp could never have been killed by critics, simply because it was already dead.” The WSJ rounded up more abominable reviews in its Speakeasy blog LAT, NYT, WSJ

‘John Hughes was our Godard’

A.O. Scott also invokes Lubitsch and Preston Sturgis in his appreciation of “The Breakfast Club” director, stricken by a heart attack Thursday in Gotham. Bonus: The National Lampoon story “Vacation ’58,” which eventually became the movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” NYT, BizBag

Donors may save LACMA film program

Museum director Michael Govan interrupts his vacation to term the outcry a positive sign: “If people didn’t complain, we’d be in real trouble — it would mean people don’t value film at the museum.” Was this his plan all along? LAT

Bill O’Reilly, Keith Olbermann still sniping

What are MSNBC and Fox News gonna do? Rupert Murdoch and GE’s Jeffrey Immelt wish they would just get along already. NYT

Cali private equity firm eyes Boston Globe

Platinum Equity, which already snapped up the San Diego Union-Tribuen, bid $35 million and would assume $59 million in pension liabilities, according to NYT, whose parent company owns the Boston paper. NYT


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